Kwality is leading manufacturer, and supplier of Limpet SS Coil Reactor. Limpet coil reactor is made up of stainless steel. These reactors are available in mirror polishing, matt polishing, and acid passivation and also available in different maximum pressure capacity such as 0-3psi, 3-6psi, 6-9psi, 9-12psi, 12-15psi. We offer Reactors with the capacity of 500 Liters to 40 KL.

These reactors give better heat transfer as compared to the jacketed vessel so they are used in high- temperature application. Limpet Reactors are mostly used in thermic oil service. In Limpet Reactors, cooling is carried out through alternate limpets used for heating and cooling. Limpet SS Coil Reactor have lesser heat affected zones, no butt joint, longer life and superior look .