Kwality manufactures and supplies technologically advanced jacketed reactors to meet multiple aspects of the process industry. These Reactors are constructed in such a way that we can get maximum output value for any process treatment. These reactors are designed with International quality standards.
Features of these Reactors are:
1) Long service life 2) Sturdiness 3) High durability 4) Cost effective 5) Excellent efficiency 6) Less maintenance 7) No leakage

These reactors are operated at atmospheric pressure or vacuum and reduce problems generated by speed regulator or transistor based converters. These reactors are widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Reactors are constructed with stainless steel, mild steel, and alloys. These reactors are available in mirror polishing, matt polishing, and acid passivation and also available in different maximum pressure . Reactors available with us are ranging from 500L to 40 KL.